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Even the highest quality pump in the world needs extra help sometimes, especially if an unexpected event occurs.

In a simple domestic pump station, it might be that a foreign article, that should not have been flushed, enters the system and blocks the pump.

In a Government or Commercial project, it might be an accidental pipe burst, or a power failure.

All of these situations need to be communicated quickly, to an appropriate operator and remedied as fast as possible, to minimise the disruption to the system and to the end user.

Level controllers can be simple floats or probes, but more sophisticated transducers provide a live reading of the liquid level in the pump station.

Fault communication vary from the simplest site audible/visual, on to SMS and then further to advanced SCADA monitoring and communication systems. Historical data, number of starts, interruptions to power supply, pump blockages and many other events, can be recorded and stored for future retrieval and analysis.


Electrical Controllers